Send ’em to Hell iOS version is on AppStore

Hello People of Earth

The wait is finally over, we went through fire , through mountains, fought with one-eyed alcoholic rooster, and survived a 200KM road trip with a woman driver; We finally launched the iOS version of Send ’em to Hell. We want to inform you that the iOS version has some different features than the Android version due to Apple rules and regulations, I know, right ! -_-

Below are the different changes we made for the iOS version:

1. Magnet/Mega Magnet is used on iOS and Fuel/Mega Fuel is used on Android.
2. Diamonds are used on iOS and Fireballs are used on Android.
– Boost: With this power up you gain temporary invincibility and get ‘em a tiny bit closer to hell.
– Fuel: Use this power up to magnetize ‘em and attract all the fire to him while you focus on sending him to hell.
– Extra life: With this you can continue where you ‘accidentally’ allowed ‘em to climb back to Earth.
– Bomb: This power up blasts the walls away giving you more breathing room to get back to sending ‘em to hell!
– Mega Boost: The Boost is merely a lite version of a much bigger, more invincible, and much larger distance power up! Much like diet soda or the sequel to a movie.
– Mega Fuel: Sit back and watch as fire is attached to ‘em for a much longer period of time and burn away in the depths of the pit of neglect.
– Mega Bomb: You will get a blast so big, it qualifies to compete among other big things that break the internet. Use this to blast the walls back to their original position and kick back while you comfortably send ‘em to hell!


We will keep you updated for all news about our upcoming projects