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Are you really that good at dodging and avoiding spikes and obstacles? How long do you think you can survive?

-Rush through this endless journey to find out how long you can keep on dodging to stay alive while collecting gems along the way.
-Use these gems to unlock different skin for your character and buy power-ups.
-Use these power ups to destroy obstacles, become invincible, and attract gems like a
-Tap to move the character to switch from left to right and vice versa
-Beat the highscore and become the top survivor

Coming to Google Playstore on 15th of Feb, 2020


In this endless runner game, help Princess Violet escape the tower from the Evil Witch and use all your power to avoid the obstacles made by the witch to capture and drag the princess back up the tower.

-Tap on your left and right screen to navigate the princess away from the obstacles when you are going down the tower.
-Tap to jump over the obstacles when the princess is running on ground.
-When the witch appear, lure her to one of the obstacles to kill her and use the fire button to damage the witch's monster.
-Collect power ups to perform different kind of abilities in order to ease up the game.
-Collect sparkles and use it to purchase more power ups from the store.
-Complete achievements to get promoted and receive rewards.
-When you are captured by the witch, don't lose hope. You can always try again!

Coming to Google Playstore on 6th of Feb, 2020