Fresh Start

Time and time again, things change. Nothing ever stays the same and that must be embraced for change brings about quite a number of things. With change comes a new approach, with change comes clarity, with change comes opportunity and more importantly, with change comes momentum. We here at Xhai believe that change is important and in order to move forward to the next step of our journey to grow and create the products we want you to experience, we must evolve. So that’s exactly what we did.

Xhai Studios now has a new home, a new office where our Xhayans are passionately working everyday to create the games and apps that we believe you will enjoy. Furthermore, you may have noticed that you are reading this article on a brand new website, we would like to welcome you to Xhai Studio’s new look.

We believe all these changes will add to the effect of turning over a new page and to seal this off, Xhai Studios would like to introduce you to our brand new logo. We may have a new website, new office and new logo, but in the end we are, and will always be Xhai Studios and will continue to work on the games and apps we want you to experience.