A new year always calls for reflection and evaluation, but more importantly, a new year means new beginnings. It is a great time to look to the future and prepare for the year to come with all of its new and interesting challenges.

This is a time where programmers far and wide look towards the next big thing in order to stay on top of their game and ensure that their skills remain developed and relevant to the demand of the future.

Here are the three Programming Languages of 2019 which are expected to increase in popularity and demand over the next year. Research and analysis are important to ensure you make decisions which best suite your tastes, and this is a great place to start!




1. Python

Python is an easy-to-use but powerful language for beginners and experienced programmers. Its learnable language is exactly why it is predicted to be the number one programing language of 2019. Python has a variety of application, but what the users love is its flexibility. Stack Overflow, a tech hub that features surveys on a wide range of topics in computer programing reports that Python has increased by 2.5 times in popularity in 2017, becoming one of the top six languages in programming. It is a language that may become the next big thing, and worth getting familiar to if it is something you are looking for.


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2. GO

Go is an open source program known for being simple and reliable. It is great for newbies, (as Python is) but can be applied at a larger scale, similar to Java. It was initially developed by Google so that complex systems could be developed without the complexity in the process. It allows the average user to develop powerful and extensive systems, making it a popular alternative to Python.  Go made it to the Top 5 "most loved" programming language of 2018 and the for the first time made it into the Top Ten Languages of 2018 ranked by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Spectrum reader.


Top Ten Languages of 2018

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3. Rust

According to Stack Overflow, a large quantity of about 80% of programmers, both amateurs and professionals either loved Rust or were interested to use it. Rust is very and reliable and can run on embedded devices as well as integrate with other languages. It is not as easy to learn as GO and Python but the effort is worth it as it known for being efficient and secure. Although not as efficient as GO and Python, its format seems to be something that the fans love and enjoy using. It is used by some major software like Dropbox, Firefox and Cloudflare, and is expected to be on the rise in 2019 due to its popularity.


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