The Xhayans were featured on TVBS

The Xhayans, once went on a little trip and accidentally left behind a couple of mugs when they moved to their new office. Those mugs were later kidnapped and taken hostage by a bunch of angry, vindictive tea cups who claim that somewhere in the 90s, love for them had been slowly declining and the mugs saw that as an opportunity to take over. Extremely violent series of events took place, so many cups and mugs lost their handles and had their bases compromised and finally in the end, an agreement was signed and peace had been restored when the cups moved north while the mugs move to the west. That story was not covered though… Instead, the ridiculously good looking game developers showed off an early build of Send ’em to Hell at Magic on the Taiwanese channel TVBS!

Check it out right here:

you Can download Send ’em to Hell from GooglePlay or AppStore