Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

Xhai Studios and its experienced team are committed to create business applications powered and integrated by blockchain technology. We are determined to showcase meaningful use of blockchain applications solutions, and we are more than happy to be riding this wave that hopefully will reshape the near future as we know it. At Xhai Studios, we aim to create valuable solutions and tools “powered by Blockchain” which enhance user experiences, security, at lower operational cost – compared to running traditional database solutions.

Custom Development

From decentralized applications, Exchanges, smart-contracts to the support of a private blockchain, Xhai Studios's experienced blockchain developers help clients take advantage of the numerous opportunities that the emerging technology has to offer.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are computer contracts that can be used to execute in a distributed environment for enforceability. They can be used to support crowdfunding, multi-signature wallets, financial services, and many more.


Founded by LINUX, Hyperledger is open-source tool for blockchain and its related services. Hyperledger aims to provide a collaborative development space of blockchain-based shared ledger.