We Do Apps !

Mobile / Desktop Apps

At Xhai Studios we also develop high standard, various small and enterprise level mobile applications, from simple "brochure" apps with few static pages to direct media sharing social networks. Our application development cycle is focused on attention to details, where we put a lot of effort to push the capability, both of the of the app and the device to its maximum. Our skills in mobile application development have reflected on our previously published apps few of which has reached 50,000+ active user base.

Application Types

Database Driven App

In the event that you want to input lots of content in the app, you can choose to build a database driven custom- ized app. If you have furniture business and you want to display each piece of furniture separately, this type of app can be perfect for you.

Basic Table Format App

The basic table format is easy to create and you can dis- play essential information through this type of app. It is a simple app and offers smooth navigation to the user. The user can click on a particular heading or topic and get access to more topics under the genre.

Dynamic App

Building an effective dynamic app depends on whether your site supports external information or mot. Some social networking sites where users can express their minds belong to the dynamic category. Users can input information anytime and anywhere.

Custom App

Do you want the user to input data in a pre-specified manner? In that case, you can build apps for custom uti- lization. Users should have the ultimate user experience through zooming options and effective touch gestures. This type of apps can allow users to create their own template, if they want.


Compared to other platforms, iOS applications are of a higher quality both in design and programming standards, because of the application quality standards for iOS store. At Xhai Studios we develop very high standard apps not only to qualify for a successful submission, but also compete with the top list applications on design and programming levels.

The challenge with Android applications comes on a factor, that unlike iOS or Windows, there are hundreds of different customized android systems. At Xhai Studios before final release of the application we test it both on virtual simulators then various phones, and further develop it to work perfectly on each one.

Windows applications are not as widely used as iOS or Android, yet we should not forget there are still millions of users that use Windows based mobile operating Systems. We develop custom Windows Phone applications following the latest Windows design guidelines and standards.